Sales Success Secret

Forbes called him the consummate salesman. Fortune Magazine praised him in their article, “The Art of Selling”. Newsweek called him “something special”. He received the title of Greatest Car Salesman by the Guinness Book of World Records. Who is this sales legend? Joe Girard is his name. Joe sold automobiles. He sold big ticket items one at a time, selling 1,425 cars in his best year. How did he do it? One of his secret weapons was greeting cards!
Business Appreciation Thank You Cards
Joe sent out an average of 13 cards every year to each of his clients. He would send one card a month and holiday cards in December. He hired two assistants to help and remembered customers with birthday cards, anniversary cards and any celebratory occasion you can think of from Halloween to Groundhog Day.

He knew that business greeting cards inspired customer loyalty and proved that by keeping his name in front of his customers, they would be motivated to refer him to their friends as well as return when they needed another car.

Why not try it yourself and experience success just like Joe!

{source: Biztactics}