Sales Strategies in a Tough Economy

Companies are letting people go right and left, people are doing their best not to buy, but to survive, a company still needs to make sales numbers. How do you do it under these conditions?

Positive Salesman

  • Focus. Narrow your target audience to those most likely to buy. Don’t waste your time trying to talk someone into something they don’t need during difficult times. Use your energy instead to market to someone likely to purchase what you’re offering.
  • Stay positive. It is best to avoid the negative news and just stay positive. All events have an end date and you should plan for future success by staying positive, spreading your hopeful energy around by pointing out ways your product or service can help improve the bottom line of your client’s business.
  • Do your homework. Before pitching your wares to a company find out everything you can about them. Use facts when telling them what your product or service will do. Help them justify the expense by giving them exact information pertaining to their business. They won’t be impressed by your canned presentation but may be encouraged to commit if you give them real numbers that will help justify their decision to buy.
  • Strengthen relationships. Use this opportunity to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones. Even if you don’t make an immediate sale, you will be first in their minds when things do loosen up and they are ready to buy. Surprise valued customers with Happy Birthday Cards. After meeting with someone, send follow-up Thank You Cards with your business card inside. These simple extra efforts will stick in their minds and reward you with future sales.

    Thank You Cards
  • Stay visible. Even if you think there is no point in even trying to make a sale, resist the temptation to hide. As the saying goes, when things get tough the tough get going. Get out there and network. Meet people, learn what other businesses are up to and be ready to use your contacts when needed. By staying visible your calls will be accepted and/or you will be the first person they contact when your products or services are needed.

By all means, do not lose hope. Stay focused, positive, informed, compassionate and visible and your determination is certain to be rewarded.