Customer Appreciation Made Easy


Isn’t it a refreshing surprise when someone sincerely thanks you for your business? We’ve all been greeted with the mandatory welcome and checked out with an emotionless thanks but how often do we truly feel appreciated when making a purchase? With things the way they are these days, customer service is one very important way you can ensure repeat business and positive word of mouth, encouraging new customers to find their way to you.

Some simple training tips will help. Remind your employees that thanking a customer for their purchase is like thanking them for your job. Knowing how difficult it is to find employment in this economy, you may be tempted to add a hug to that thanks but probably best to resist that temptation. Smile, say thank you with genuine emotion and mean it!

Here is a suggestion that will certainly set you apart from the competition. Send Thank You Cards! Just this simple show of unexpected appreciation will surely encourage a return visit and positive buzz. Aside from purchasing a house or a car, customer appreciation thank you cards are rare. But with so many businesses vying for the same customers, wouldn’t a gracious show of extended customer service move your company’s positive rating up several notches?

Send classy personalized business appreciation thank you cards and your business is certain to benefit from this simple effort. Take a moment to add a handwritten note and your bottom line is sure to benefit from this little bit of additional tender loving care!