Funny Christmas Cards Perfect for Your Business

Cartoon of Santa sitting at a desk holding a cup of coffee.

Funny Christmas cards are a great way to ramp up your holiday cheer!  Businesses also use them to bring a little levity to their industry and personalize their experience with customers and coworkers. We’ve created some funny Christmas cards for our top businesses, and hope you find them as jovial as we do. Some are actually available on our site, so click the images to find out which ones!

Funny Christmas cards for law firms

Colorful cartoon of children waiting for Santa. The boy sitting on his lap replies, "As you your question 'Were you a good boy?' attorney tells me, I have the right to remain silent!"

This adorable and funny Christmas card takes a jab at our American right to remain silent when being questioned. The right to remain silent isn’t typically invoked by a little boy during a visit with Santa Clause, but hey, there’s a first time for everything.

Funny Christmas cards for law enforcement

A pug, wearing a Santa cap and chewing on a candy-cane, is receiving a mugshot. The text below him reads 'Happy Holidays' in red letters.

Here’s another holiday bad-boy that isn’t talking (well, bad dog). Stay out of his way this season. Also, be sure to stay out of trouble because you don’t want to end up like him.

Funny financial Christmas cards

A cartoon where Santa is visiting with his financial adviser with some of his elves. The financial adviser makes a good recommendation, "stop giving away all those toys."

Magic meets pragmatism, and it isn’t pretty. While very sensible advice, Santa isn’t in it for the money – he’s bringing joy to each and every boy and girl no matter what – even if he winds up bankrupt.

Funny Christmas cards for brokers

Stock-broker-oriented cartoon where Santa is standing with a bull and bear on Christmas day.

This card was too good not to include. Santa is doing well this year – really well. The stocks are up, and it’s Christmas day! Santa is celebrating. The bull is optimistic. But Santa better keep that bear on his good side.

Funny Christmas cards for the aviation industry

Cartoon where Santa is boarding a plane with his elves.

There’s a party on that holiday flight. Is that an elf in the cockpit? Hope he has his pilot’s license. It says ‘Santa’s Sleigh,’ but that appears to be a 747. It looks like the flying reindeer took the year off and Santa and his helpers will be traveling in style this season.

Funny Christmas cards for the healthcare industry

A healthcare-oriented greeting where a medical center is stationed at the North Pole.

Of course they need a medical center up at the North Pole! Accidents happen in Santa’s workshop, and those elves work a lot of overtime. Colds and flus are also highly prevalent this time of year, but Santa provides a great health plan.

Funny Christmas cards for the construction industry

Santa has his tools and is ready to build a house on this construction-oriented holiday card.

Santa is really pulling his weight this year. He’s a very busy man. He delivers presents all over the world and still has time to build a house!

Funny Christmas cards for landscapers

Someone has lawn-mowed Merry Christmas into the grass.

Talk about a festive lawn! This skilled landscaper has created a piece of Christmas art. Hope the owners are happy with it!

Funny Christmas cards for the automotive industry

A brown and red muscle car is positioned near drag racing lights - the message reads, 'Time to light up the Christmas tree.'


Here’s a great Christmas card for the automotive industry. In drag racing terminology, the set of lights you see above is called a Christmas tree – so start your engines and let’s light it up!

Funny retail Christmas cards

A cartoon of a crowd of angry customers waiting for a holiday sale at a local retail store.

For those that work in the retail industry, you know that the holidays can get pretty crazy – long hours, longer lines – with most stores open on Christmas Eve! You have to keep a good sense of humor about it because otherwise you just might cry, here’s our holiday card pick to lighten the mood.

Funny Christmas cards for the hospitality industry

A hotel manager is asking Santa Clause what name his room is under.

If you work in the hospitality industry you know how to deal with customers, you have also mastered the art of passive-aggressiveness. This hotel manager is really sticking it to Santa this year!

Funny Christmas cards for the insurance industry

Santa has crashed his sleigh, underneath his the text reads, 'Insurance...the gift that keeps on giving all year round.'

Santa had an accident on his trip around the world. Hope he has a good insurance agent!

Funny real estate Christmas cards

The shadow of Krampus is cast upon a door with a holiday wreath on the front.

For everyone in real estate, you want to make sure that your clients are happy in their new home. Unruly neighbors can have a poor effect on the market. Providing good tips for new homeowners, ensuring that their move runs smoothly, will help to ensure more referrals.

A funny Christmas card to suit all industries

A corporate cartoon is breaking the news to Santa that his reindeer are on strike.

This is an HR nightmare, and many employers can relate to disgruntled employees at some point…hey, it happens. This year, avoid conversations like these by showing everyone around the office how much you appreciate them. Send cards, throw a holiday party, and be sure to include personalized invites from CardsDirect.