Beat the Rush by Ordering Your Holiday Cards Now

Summer is not yet over and it is only August, but this is the perfect time to begin preparing for the upcoming holiday rush. One thing you can do now to insure a less stressful holiday later is to go ahead and order your holiday cards!
Here’s why…
Beat the Rush
1) Now is a great time to begin confirming your address list and following-up with friends, customers or business associates who may have moved since last years list was prepared.

2) You will have time to address the envelopes and sign the cards at your leisure before the holiday madness kicks in and people start burning their unused time off.

3) By ordering your cards now you have time to look through our vast selection of over 1500 cards so you get the perfect one that is just right for you.

4) You will be assured of getting the card of your choice and having it arrive before everyone elses.

5) You will win praises by being proactive!

CardsDirect is gearing up for the holiday season by adding additional customer service professionals who are ready to help you with any questions you might have during the ordering process. Your online queries will be addressed quickly and you won’t linger on hold waiting for a friendly voice when you call.

Check “buy holiday cards” off your list early this year and leave more time for planning the perfect holiday party!