Wedding thank you card etiquette

As your wedding day approaches, you’ll soon be sending out a lot of thank you cards. You may have started already, if you’ve had a shower or engagement party. Everyone knows it’s important to send out thank yous after receiving a gift, but what’s the proper etiquette when it comes to expressing your gratitude after the wedding? If you’re wondering who you need to send a card and what you should say, here are a few ideas to help you get started:

Keep it short
You’re probably going to be sending at least 50 thank you cards, maybe more than 100, so don’t feel like you need to write a novel inside each one. Keep the note short, yet personal. Avoid pasting a generic message into the cards. People will notice and feel like you didn’t appreciate their gift or participation in the big day.

Use personalized stationery
You want your cards to be clean and tidy, so go with something more professional when sending thank yous. Personalized stationery is a great way to do this. Have an intricate monogram placed on the card front that includes you and your partner’s initials. It will give the message a little more character while still showing the thought you put into the stationery.

Mention what you received
When you’re opening wedding gifts, make a note of who gave you each item. As you start to write the thank yous, center the message around what the person contributed. For example, if someone gave you a blender from your wedding registry, mention a recipe you’ve been wanting to make using the tool.

This shouldn’t take more than a line or two inside the card, and after that you can place a quick closing sentence. Mentioning the specific gift you received is the perfect way to be personal with every guest, even the ones you don’t know very well.

Send everyone a thank you
The people who gave you gifts are the most obvious recipients of thank you cards, but your work doesn’t stop there. You should really be expressing gratitude to everyone who came to celebrate your special day, especially friends and family who traveled a long distance to see you. Acknowledging the effort they put into the trip will mean a lot to your attendees.

You should also thank people who helped you pay for the wedding. If family members contributed to your big day, send a card along with another small gift that shows your appreciation. For instance, a beautifully framed photo of you with the person who donated to the wedding is an easy, yet meaningful thank you gift.

Be prompt
It’s never too late to send a thank you card, but proper etiquette says you should try to have all of your letters sent within two months after the wedding. To accomplish this, give yourself a daily card writing goal. Trying to finish all of them in one sitting will only give you a hand cramp and create a sloppy message, so take your time on these important notes. If you’re several months late getting them all sent out, then acknowledge that in your message by apologizing for your tardiness with a note about trying to settle into married life.

Following all of these etiquette rules are essential after your wedding day. Making sure your guests have been properly thanked is the perfect way to start your married life on the right foot. People will also remember the card you gave them and will remember it in the future. When you feel appreciated you’ll be more likely to help out again in the future, so keep this in mind if you’re falling behind on card writing duties.