Valued Traditions of Marketing

A tree drawn against a chalkboard out of different colors like green, white, yellow, red and brown. Various marketing words make up its leafy top like brand, logo, target, concept, and trademark.

Traditions are instilled when we’re young, they capture the essence of holidays, celebrations, family, and friends, and as the years go by they allow us to revisit hopeful bits of nostalgia –sharing these moments with future generations. If a business is able to sell this feeling, providing a product that evokes these positive emotions, they are already ahead of the game – but then they have the responsibility of ensuring that every aspect of their service continues to further this sentiment.

Black and white image of an ice cream truck with an American flag flying from the door. A pink translucent circle at the center highlights white letters that spell 'Bee's Ice Cream'.

Not long ago, a young entrepreneur named Breanna Simon began an ice cream truck catering service. There are not many things more personal than handing over a timeless treat to a family of customers. Ice cream encapsulates a season, an unmatched lightheartedness that triggers all of the senses. Breanna was ready to celebrate this notion, and as time went on she learned to do it very well with a large assortment of freshly made cotton candy, ground snow cones, and local ice cream favorites.

Serving your customers

Breanna carefully built up a rapport with the customers she and her team gained, stating that she felt “especially honored” to spend some of the most important days with them during graduations, birthdays, and weddings. “Without having a personal relationship, we would not be trusted to serve our families at these extremely important events.”

17-year-old girl with blonde hair and a pink shirt, holding an ice cream cone out the window of a yellow ice cream truck.

But what separates Breanna from other companies like her? What helps to carry her forward and upward through this very personal industry? Beyond a smile and a sweet treat, it’s the personal touches; the fact that Breanna and her team hand out personalized gift bags at birthday parties or are always sure to get family pictures in front of the truck so no one gets left out. She also creates stylized color schemes for her desserts to correspond with event designs, matching the exact tones of floral arrangements at weddings and various other decors.

These are the things that stand out to customers, and as a young woman in a competitive catering industry, Breanna truly strives to relate to all of her clients. She has even added, “a new ‘leg’ to her business with another food trailer that serves a variety of healthier alternatives to fairs, carnivals, and weddings while keeping the nostalgic feel of a vintage diner on wheels.” Her hope, as a current pursuant of a Master’s degree in Health and Wellness Management, is that one day she can be “a leader in the mobile food and health industry.”

It’s the personal touches that make the difference

As time moves forward, Breanna continues to market her business in the spirit of tradition, sending friendly greeting cards to customers on their birthdays and handing out lively business cards to new prospects.

The back of a light blue and green business card for Bee's Ice Cream - incorporating company info and a decorative emblem that says 'Eat'.

When she uses social media, although hoping to gain more business, Breanna does not flagrantly market her company, but instead provides an easily-accessible digital photo album so patrons can look back on the fond memories Bee’s Ice Cream has helped to create. It’s the personal touches that matter most, and while many people can lose sight of this Breanna stays true to what Bee’s Ice Cream represents.