Unique gift ideas for clients

A present with tan wrapping paper and orange curly ribbon.

If you've been climbing the career ladder long enough, chances are you've gotten more than one boring gift package. Whether it's a fruit basket, the classic coffee mug or the run-of-the-mill pen and notepad, cliche corporate gifts can get tiresome.

Gifts aren't a deal breaker with your clients' business relationship – but a little creativity can't hurt. One way to stay memorable and keep your clients happy? Come up with some unique gifts that shows you truly listen and care out their business needs. Here are a few ideas:

1. Health food subscription service
More corporations are promoting health and wellness these days, so why not incorporate this idea into a great gift? Forbes recommends Graze, a health food delivery service that packages granola bars, dried fruit, nuts and other healthy snacks. This definitely beats the standard gift basket – and besides, who doesn't love snacks?

2. Pet treats
If you've gotten to know your clients well enough, chances are they might have mentioned their four-legged friend. We all love our pets – and pet owners love to spoil them from time to time with treats and toys. Barkbox is another delivery service that you could share with your clients. Not only is this unique and memorable, but it also shows that you have really listened to them when they talk about their families.

3. Experiential gifts
Not all gifts have to come in a package. Inc. Magazine recommended experiential gifts – such as a cooking class, spa day, tickets to a baseball game or a luxury car upgrade for their next business trip. This is something that will definitely keep you at the top of their contact list, and it can make for a great conversation during your next call or in-person visit. 

4. Wine club membership
During your last business dinner, you might have noticed that your client enjoyed fine wines. Even if they didn't, most busy professionals like kicking back with a glass of red after a long day's work or enjoy a happy hour with friends from time to time. You can gift those experiences by giving them a wine club membership for a few months. Every time they uncork a bottle with dinner, they will remember that you took the time to purchase a one-of-a-kind thank you gift.

5. Personalized cards
You might not have the budget for some of these gifts, but that's OK – you can still make your thoughts memorable with custom business cards. Make sure it's thoughtful and handwritten, whether it's for a birthday, the anniversary of your business relationship or simply a thank-you card for being such a valuable client.