Customer Confessions

Colorful cartoon drawings like a telephone, magnifying glass, ribbon, and clock, along with a large, eclectic group of real people illustrates the positive ideas of customer service, with words like service, 24-7, quality, care, loyalty, and trust.

A strategic marketing approach for every business

Only a few short months ago, CardsDirect started an entrepreneurial program. We selected three promising small businesses that were looking for quality printed products. Sharing their enthusiasm for tangible marketing materials, we wanted to help create a strategic marketing approach for their company.

A ‘thank you’ card with every order

Gray-blue card with undulating neon yellow swirls on the left and right and the words 'Thank You For Your Valued Business' written in white and neon yellow letters.

In September, we had the privilege of introducing you to Kyli and Dustin – founders of The Makery – a gluten free online bakery specializing in delicious gourmet cookies. Their first choice for a product, adding that presentation was highly important to them, was an eye-catching label to go on the envelopes of their personalized ‘thank you’ cards. Kyli and Dustin send a ‘thank you’ card to each customer in every order they fill.

We happily obliged, and created a label tailored to their business. As a small business, Kyli and Dustin put great value in forming close personal relationships with their customers – at CardsDirect we are completely on the same page.

Happy couple making cookies in the kitchen

Our marketing team has been corresponding regularly with The Makery asking for updates on their business and how our products have helped. Kyli says that one of the most important factors in any business-customer relationship is the consistent provision of high-quality products. Equal on this list is providing accessible customer service.

Confessions from CardsDirect

At CardsDirect we have a confession to make, Kyli and Dustin didn’t care for the original labels we sent them, although only slight criticisms they weren’t totally satisfied, but a good business responds, fixes the mistake, and gains loyalty through a finely-tuned finished product. That’s what we did, that’s what The Makery does, and that’s what we encourage all businesses to do.

The Makery’s response to our second round of labels?Round personalized label from with a cookie in the shape of a heart and a bite taken out of the corner, along with the words 'The Makery, grain-free and delicious' written underneath.

 “We’re very impressed with the quality of the labels. The print is clear, bold, and professional. Our logo looks great! We appreciate their close attention to detail and their dedication to customer satisfaction.”

We were thrilled to get such a great response and it meant a lot that The Makery took the time to send us such a detailed and positive review.

Business Insights

We asked The Makery a series of questions, hoping to gain insight about not only our products but how other businesses viewed long-term marketing strategies through the use of custom printed materials. One response stood out to us as words to live by – here is what they said…

A white board surrounded by different sets of hands incorporates various drawings and phrases to portray the ideas of a creative office team, such as a light-bulb, magnifying glass, colorful diagrams, along with words like teamwork, fresh ideas, and plan.

“It’s vital that our customers feel like our brand represents their lifestyles and that our packaging and printed products are professional and eye-catching. When a customer receives and opens an order from us, they should feel like it’s worth the money they spent and more. We want them to continuously be impressed by our products and everything that comes along with them.”

Competition is fierce – the success of your company depends on unique qualities and personal touches that separate you from those businesses attempting to sell similar products. The feeling that your customers get from you must be one of ease and confidence, knowing that you will always be there to provide goods that exceed their expectations…and if there is ever a problem you will be ready with a quick and effective solution.