Tips for congratulating business partners

A group of people in business attire raising their fists in the air.

Maintaining your current client base involves checking in to see what they're doing, how they're growing and whether their needs have changed. When they hit a milestone, your small business can send a congratulations card praising them for their hard work and achievement. Doing this shows you care about these companies and their continued patronage. With that in mind, here are some tips for wishing your clients the best:

Follow Your Partners on Social Media
Perhaps the most difficult part of sending a congratulations note is actually discovering the achievements your partners have made. If they don't outright tell you about them, you may not know. Consider following your partners on social media platforms where they are likely to boast. Whether they made the Inc. 500 list or are expanding their storefront, they'll let their fans know on sites like Twitter and Facebook. 

Of course, be careful on social media. If you have nondisclosure agreements, following clients could be in breach of the contract. Read your paperwork before going online. If you can't follow another company outright, set up an alert for it instead. This allows you to see when other users mention the brand.

Ask About Big Announcements on Calls
When you call or meet with a client in person, ask for updates. Catch up with the brand the way you would a friend to get exciting news. If the client can't tell you right away because a deal is still in progress, follow up later. Make a note that the partner is expecting something to happen so you don't forget to ask.

Be Specific
When writing your congratulations, be specific. Tell your customer exactly why you're writing to let him or her know you care about the situation. For instance, you might say:

Dear [Client],

Congratulations on making the Inc. 500 list this year! From our partnership, it's easy to see where your success comes from. Between your hard work and excellent product, we're not surprised your company is thriving. 

[Your name]

This type of note calls attention to your business relationship, mentions specifics and expresses congratulations. 

Be Timely
Make sure you get your card in the mail immediately after hearing about a partner's success. If you wait too long, your note could lose its impact or no longer be relevant. Be prepared for milestone events by keeping business congratulations cards on hand. That way, you can grab one and fill it out right away instead of waiting for your card order to arrive.