Tips for being happier at work starting today

Everybody has days at work that feel like an absolute breeze and others that are serious uphill battles. However, when all of your days begin to feel overwhelming or frustrating, it may be time to make a change. Rethinking your job and beginning to look for something new is certainly a possibility. If you think of the job as nothing more to offer in terms of gaining knowledge or moving forward in your career, a job search may be your best option. However, if you enjoy where you are and feel there are opportunities for growth, there may be some changes you can make each day that will make a considerable difference.

If you’re committed to making your days in the office happier, make these changes in your day-to-day routine:

Show gratitude

If you’ve ever received thank you cards or verbal praise from a grateful boss, then you know how good it feels to get that recognition. But what you may not know is that showing gratitude can be just as positive an experience for the sender as it is for the recipient. Research has found giving thanks to be beneficial for people in many ways, including reducing stress and improving mental alertness, according to Psychology Today. Not to mention, giving thanks to your colleagues, managers or assistant can help build those relationships, which, in turn, can often make work a little easier. In other words, the next time someone helps you out, take out your business thank you cards and write a quick note. You will both feel better for it.

Take control

I’ve found that one aspect of work people sometimes feel unhappy about is if their job, long-term responsibilities or daily duties are unclear. Many people feel frustrated that they don’t receive the kind of specific direction they need. If this is true for you, take control each day by setting up meetings with your boss and other team members. Not only will you be working with more direction, you’ll also feel happier to be in control of a frustrating situation.

Acknowledge your accomplishments

It’s important that when you do a good job on a project or task, you take the time to acknowledge it before moving on to the next one. It’s normal to want to feel valued by others for your accomplishments, but you should also give yourself a pat on the back or even reward yourself in some way. For instance, take a longer lunch break than usual, or buy yourself something new on your way home.

Take breaks

One of the most important ways to stay happier (and avoid burnout!) is to make sure you’re giving yourself enough time off during the workday. This doesn’t mean you should take 20-minute breaks every couple of hours, but a 30-minute to one-hour lunch and a couple of small breaks during the morning and afternoon will give your brain and body a little bit of time to recuperate from staring at a computer screen or sitting in meetings.