A Page from the Marketing Cookbook

Close-up of an antique cookbook with faded pages of white and touches of red in the design.

Remember your grandmother’s kitchen? The Rolodex of old cooking recipes just waiting for the next family visit? Perhaps you even placed a recent call to a relative asking for those specific holiday meal instructions.

A laptop, about to be used for online shopping, is being operated from a female perspective, as she looks at her credit card and sips a cup of coffee amidst a pile of colorful Christmas gifts.

While the internet is filled with a million different ways to cook a Thanksgiving turkey or a Christmas ham, sometimes that tattered piece of paper or food-encrusted family cookbook adds a comforting and irreplaceable bit of personal flavor. That’s what The Makery has betted on when sending out their cookie recipe inserts, a delicious piece of marketing that will stick with patrons from purchase to purchase.

Taking your business to the next level

The Markey is a gluten-free bakery that specializes in cookies, in fact, many customers love their products so much that they have started to buy just the dough to make their cookies at home. We have been following The Makery for quite some time now and their founder Kyli Wolfson, as part of a program we created to help small businesses excel through professionally printed marketing materials.

The tangibility of print

Four frowning faces are drawn on a chalkboard in white, in a pendulum pattern, before a smiley face drawn in yellow that is separated from the group.

Promising research has helped to illustrate that human beings are more likely to retain information, connect with the material, and have a positive emotional reaction if it is presented in a tangible format. Sure, there will always be a place for digital ads, online newspapers, and social media marketing – blogs too – but there is a special spot in peoples’ hearts for products they can look at, read, and hold onto.

Even if someone plans on heading to the wastebasket with a direct mail piece they received from your company, it is likely to sit on the counter for at least a day or two before making the journey out your door. This gives it a better chance to make an impression than a digital piece of copy gone seconds later.

Round personalized label from CardsDirect.com with a cookie in the shape of a heart and a bite taken out of the corner, along with the words 'The Makery, grain-free and delicious' written underneath.For quite a while, The Makery made their own direct mail inserts to include with their products, but there is something about professionally manufactured materials that gives your business that extra edge. As of recent, The Makery enlisted CardsDirect to create a line of marketing products that would help them with their business, one of which was a recipe card with delicious photos and a striking design.  They now send this photo card with every cookie dough order they fill.

A profitable difference

In many ways, print is much more valuable. People hold printed materials in higher regard then digital correspondences, as it adds a bit of excitement and a break from the computerized norm. Not only does it send good feelings to customers, but it can also help boost enthusiasm among employees when they see new first-class printed products with their company logo and information.

A wide range of business products, such as personalized notepads, ink stamps, an embosser, envelopes with labels, greeting cards, and business cards lay against a woodgrain background. Amidst the products, the words ''Business Products • Create custom items that will help your business communicate with effortless style.' are written in white.

So whether it’s greeting cards or business cards, brochures or newsletters, expertly crafted printed products can make a profitable difference and ensure a higher level of success for your business.