How to appropriately express your love to your valentine at the office

Considering the connotation of the holiday, spreading your Valentine's Day cheer at the workplace can be a tad tricky. Although this special day falls on a Sunday this year, you may want to surprise your significant other with an early Valentine's Day treat.

Here are some tips for navigating potentially awkward situations at the office:

Jar of love
Trying to think of a way to express your undying love for your valentine? Give your partner a year of reasons why you love them. Start by thinking of 52 reasons why you love him or her. Write your thoughts on tiny pieces of paper, and then roll up your notes, seal them with red string and stick them in a mason jar. Attach a note to the outside of the jar explaining that your sweetheart should remove and read one note every week for the rest of the year.

Remember: True love lasts the whole year, not just on this one day.

Get creative this year and send your Valentine a candy-gram. Start by purchasing your significant other's favorite candy and a lovely Valentine's Day card. As you begin to write your note, replace specific words with candy bars that have the same meaning. Words such as "sweetheart" can be replaced with SweeTARTS candy.

Here's an example of what you could say:

"I want to Take5 to tell you how Extra special you are to me. I wouldn't trade you for 100Grand. You are the Swedish Fish in the sea, and you make my Starburst. Being with you is like PayDay every day. I love you to Reese's Pieces and wanted to give you some Hershey's Kisses. I hope this card makes you Snickers!"

Sweet nothings
Sometimes a little pick-me-up at the office is all you need, especially if it's something your significant other can actually use while he or she is at work.

Send your valentine a pack of highlighters, and attach a note that reads, "You are the highlight of my life!" It's cute, sweet and to the point – and totally useful at the office!

Another small but meaningful way to let your valentine know you're thinking of him or her on this day is to send a jar of peanuts and attach a note that says, "I'm totally nuts about you!" This is the perfect type of snack for your loved one to keep on his or her desk at the office.

If your valentine is a commuter and takes public transportation to get to work every day, a bottle of hand sanitizer for his or her desk is necessary. Attach a note that says, "There's a love bug going around!"

Lip balm is always necessary, especially during the cold winter months. Send your significant other a back of lip balm to keep at the office. Your note could say something like, "You're the balm!"

If you're a manager or boss looking to spread love and thanks to your employees this Valentine's Day, pick up a pack of heart-shaped peppermint patties, attach them to a Valentine's Day card and write: "Thank you for your commit-mint, involve-mint and invest-mint of time and energy to this organization. Wishing you a Valentine's week full of excite-mint!"

Crush bottles
Are you in a new relationship and not sure how to appropriately express your feelings if you aren't ready to say those three little words? Express your crush by sending your partner a six-pack of Crush soda.

Cover the cardboard box with red paper or spray paint to hide the existing label. Decorate the box how you wish, with some festive ribbon or funky tape. Purchase the glass Crush bottles and stick them in the box. Write a cute message for each bottle that says something along the lines of: "I have a crush on you!" It's simple, cute and lighthearted, perfect for a new relationship.