How Celebrating Birthdays Will Save You Money

Are you looking to motivate your employees and save money? Studies show that emotionally connecting with employees can actually increase their work performance.

But what is an easy way to engage and encourage your employees, while keeping costs low? Celebrate workplace birthdays. Give each and every employee a birthday card from CardsDirect. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to show appreciation. Companies where employees feel appreciated, happy, and engaged see a 38% increase in productivity and a 27% increase in profits.

Buying birthday cards one at a time is expensive and time-consuming. An average-size company can save $200 annually by purchasing custom birthday cards from We have over 1,000 birthday products to choose from, and with our customization features your company can create something truly unique – add a company logo, supervisor signatures, and even a photo. Be a smart employer; celebrate workplace birthdays and save money with CardsDirect.

Give Birthday Wishes, Get Big Savings