Support the ASPCA

Please note that the charitable “Cards for a Cause” program and sponsorship explained below for holiday 2009 has now ended.
Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais visited our table at the HBO Luxury Lounge and chose an exclusive CardsDirect photo holiday card to benefit his charity of choice, the ASPCA. Mr. Gervais wanted to share a photo card with a picture of a cat on it to honor his new pet, but one wasn’t readily available. He can, however, upload his own cat photo for a very special photo holiday card, just as you can too!

Pets are special all year long but especially loved during the holidays. Remember to include them in your family holiday photo or feature them all by themselves! This photo holiday card design Mr. Gervais chose to support will result in a donation to the ASPCA through our Cards for a Cause program

Here are a few more examples to help you visualize how your pet might be included in your holiday photo cards once you send us your favorite pet image.

Holiday Photo Card PC1030Photo Holder Card C6187

Will you include your pet on your holiday cards this year? Any tips on how to make them say, “cheese”?