Singles Appreciation Day

February 14th can be fun with a feeling of love all around but instead of Valentine’s Day, some have labeled this particular holiday Singles Appreciation Day or Singles Recognition Day. This is the day you watch others being romanced with flowers, candy and cards while you may be between significant others or even married to someone that just isn’t into the whole celebration. Not to worry though, there are many ways to celebrate this day that everyone can look forward to!

This year the holiday falls on a Saturday which opens up even more opportunities. Rather than rushing off to work, consider a “loving” breakfast celebration. Heart shaped pancakes and chocolate dipped strawberries will be fun for others or just for you on a lazy Saturday morning. If the weather is nice, take a long walk and “love” the outdoors. Use this day to treat yourself to something special, like a bubble bath, shopping spree or long afternoon nap. Say, “I love you” to someone who wouldn’t normally expect it. Plan a get-together with others for some group fun and laughter. Send Thinking of You cards to surprise someone. Plant a rose bush.

Love doesn’t have to be romantic; it can be a simple show of appreciation for someone who has been helpful or just plain nice. On this one day of the year, use this opportunity to spread some love of your own knowing that what goes around will eventually come back around. This same time next year may change from Singles Recognition Day to the Valentine’s Day of your dreams! Enjoy the possibilities and let me know how you plan to celebrate.