Should I Send a Card Supporting a Political Candidate?

Dear Ms. Cards Etiquette

With primary elections going on, and presidential campaigns going into high gear, I’d like to help support my favorite candidate. Would it be OK to send cards to my client list on behalf of him?

Politically Motivated

Dear Political,

In a word, no. From a strictly business perspective, this is one great way to convince any clients with opposing viewpoints to take their business elsewhere. A lot of businesses choose to display campaign signs in their windows during election season though, which could be an alternate option, but it involves the same risks. Rather than stumping for a particular candidate in your company mailings, why not send out a non-specific patriotic card, encouraging everyone to register to vote?

If you’d like to support a specific candidate, I’d recommend making a contribution to their campaign, or perhaps a contribution to the political party of your choice, rather than broadcasting your political views to your clients.