I received a We’re Moving card from a friend yesterday. I know she has been busy building her dream home just across town and it seems it is now all completed and ready for move in. I can’t wait to see what she has done as her previous mansion would be hard to improve upon!
We're Moving Card
I’ve also heard of more and more businesses are relocating. Seems office rent is a concern as businesses tighten up spending. Many are looking for less space and some are even moving their entire corporate offices to other states.

A move can be scary but if you think of it as an adventure and an opportunity for improved change it is something to celebrate. Think of it as the perfect opportunity to purge accumulated mess and start fresh. Embrace the event and explore your new surroundings. Who knows what you’ll stumble across- a new restaurant, nice little park for an out of office lunch, office supply store with real customer service. Enjoy the possibilities.

Whatever the reason for the move, everyone needs to be alerted to a change of address. You can change your post office mailing address easily by going online here and filling out the form provided. You will still want to contact everyone else so they can change their contact information for you as well. Don’t forget to notify your credit card companies, bank, doctors, phone company provider, utilities, electricity, cable and gas providers, social security office, and others.

And, of course, send a We’re Moving card to notify your business associates, friends and the family members you DO still want to keep in touch with!