Lookout, the Holiday Cards are Coming!

Unique Format Holiday Card
Are you ready? Your mailbox is soon to be filled with incoming holiday cards in all colors, shapes and sizes. After you have opened, read and enjoyed each of them, consider this:

Before you toss the envelope the card came in, compare the return address to the one you have on file. Now is the perfect time to update your contact information. You may also want to write this address on the back of the card itself so you can refresh your addresses later, after the holiday rush is done if you prefer.

Many enjoy displaying their holiday cards throughout the office or at home. Tape them to your office door or cubicle for all to see and enjoy. Or make a mobile, hanging them from above to spin and delight without taking up valuable workspace.
Home at Christmas Holiday Card
At home, line them up on your mantel and sprinkle them around on coffee tables and sideboards. You can pin them to a strip of wide ribbon and hang them on the wall or even punch a hole in the corner and display them on the tree. Holiday cards are fun, colorful and interesting, adding a taste of the season throughout the house. Photo cards are especially fun. Friends that don’t even know those pictured will enjoy viewing them.
Currier & Ives Holiday Card
Many cards are richly illustrated and would look lovely framed and displayed throughout the year. And make sure you save your Christmas cards at the end of the season. In January I’ll share craft ideas so that you can repurpose these cards for enjoyment next year!

Do you have a unique craft idea to share? Let us know. We’d love to include you in our after-season craft blog.