Indoor Activities- Model Photo Shoot

Stuck indoors and running out of ways to entertain everyone? How about a model photo shoot? From newborns on up, any day is a good day to capture a moment in time by taking a fun photograph of someone special. Try your hand at this creative and free activity by engaging the entire family in the fun. Here are some tips for a great day behind the camera that is sure to result in something quite special.

1. Get Ready. Charge up your digital camera and get a memory stick that will allow for hundreds of shots so you’re ready to click away!

2. Lighting. One of the most important elements in a successful photo is the lighting so choose a location that allows for natural light. Close to a window is good.

3. Backdrop. Drape a sheet over some chairs and extend it down and across the floor. Your subject can sit or lie on top of it. A solid background allows the model to be the focus of your attention.

4. Clothing. Dress up or everyday wear, choose clothes to make the photo shoot fun and the model comfortable. Stage quick outfit changes to keep the fun going, just like a real photo shoot.

5. Perspective. Take shots straight on, from overhead, lying on your stomach and shooting up and some from every angle imaginable. You and your model will have fun and the resulting shots will be entertainment. Take some smiling, some serious and some just goofy for variety.

With so many fantastic shots to choose from, why not go ahead and have some printed as photo cards you can use all year long. Don’t wait for Christmas to come around again to share a great photo greeting card, use them throughout the year to stay connected to friends and family. Writing and sending thoughtful greeting cards can also be great indoor activities!