How Do You Use C/O on an Address?

How Do You Use C/O on an Address?

Dear Ms. Cards Etiquette,
What does c/o mean in an address? When should I use it in my correspondence?

When used in addressing envelopes, c/o means “care of”, and is used when you’re sending mail to someone who does not actually live at the address in question. It can come in handy when trying to get in touch with someone who’s home address you don’t know, if you can send mail to their work address:

Bob Smith
c/o ACME Company, Inc.
123 Street St.
City, ST 99999

It could also be used to send mail to someone staying at a hotel, if you don’t know their room number. Or, if you’re sending invitations for an event, and you don’t know one person’s address, but you are also inviting a mutual friend, you could send both invitations to the same
address, using c/o:

Jen Rogers
c/o Jane Rivers
123 Avenue Ave.
City, ST 00000

It’s not something you’ll need to use often, but when it is needed, it definitely comes in handy. Just write the recipient’s name on the first line, and start the second line (with the person’s or company’s name who’s address you’re using) with c/o.

Hope that clears things up!

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