Holiday Proactivity

Now is a great time to plan ahead for the holidays so you can actually enjoy them when they roll around. With a bit of holiday proactivity, there is much you can check off your holiday to do list now. Consider these work ahead suggestions:

* Purge excess decorations. Go ahead and get into the holiday spirit now by going through all those boxes of decorations in the attic. Recycle or trash all those broken or old or just plain ugly decorations you know you’ll never miss now.
Holiday Decorations
* Plan your holiday parties. Budgets are tight this year so go ahead now and begin planning how you or your company will celebrate the holiday season. You don’t have to break the bank to have a fun party everyone will enjoy. Check this CardsDirect blog in the future for budget friendly party ideas.

* Update your mailing lists. Pull out last year’s holiday cards mailing lists and confirm addresses, refreshing those that have changed during the past year.

* Go ahead and order your holiday cards now. For the best selection and to avoid rush shipping charges, go ahead and place your greeting card order as soon as possible. Think about it, what is going to change between now and Christmas anyway? Get it done now and you’ll have one less thing to worry about later.

* Address envelopes. Now that you have your cards, you can go ahead and address the envelopes and set them aside. Then all you’ll have to do is drop them in the mail. Again, one less thing to do so that you will have more time for other holiday related activities, like decorating!
Pre-addressed Envelopes
Any other ideas for holiday proactivities you’d like to suggest?