Holiday Cards Etiquette- Card Selection

Holiday cards are a great way to strengthen existing business partnerships and encourage new ones. Holiday cards help you stay connected with friends and family too. Whether for business or pleasure, here are some points of etiquette to be considered before this year’s cards go in the mail.
Business Relations Holiday Card C5261
1. Consider the recipient. With so many attractive holiday cards to choose from, what should you look for when selecting the perfect card to send? You first need to consider the recipients. A card that says, “Merry Christmas” may not be appropriate for business as not everyone on your list may celebrate this religious holiday. A “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” sentiment may be the better choice so as not to offend anyone.
Layered Holiday Card C6103
2. Choose quality cards. The cards you send are an extension of your business and professional image. Very nice looking card designs with matching envelopes on top quality card stock are available at affordable prices. Personalization and custom imprinted verses add a touch of elegance as well. If unsure, work with a vendor who will furnish a sample so that you can confirm the quality before you make your purchase. From a high end unique layered card design embossed and stamped in foil to value cards that are thoughtfully designed and personalized, choose the best option for you and your budget.
Die Cut Holiday Card C6225
3. Personalize. Nothing is more professional or of a higher perceived value than a personalized holiday greeting. Printed in ink or foil, many card designs also allow your company logo to be included as well or feature die cut windows through which your imprinted company name can be seen. You might also want your actual signatures printed as well.
Front Imprint Holiday Card C3108
4. Customize your message. Put thought into your sentiment or verse. At you have the ability to print whatever you want so make the most of this feature by targeting your message to your recipients.

5. Show off. Holiday cards are generally displayed throughout the holidays. Front imprint cards will easily show off your company name. Even better, Calendar Cards are displayed the whole year long!

Take advantage of this marketing opportunity and send professional best wishes for the holiday season in style. The minimal expense and effort is certain to be rewarded throughout the year ahead.