Holiday Cards Etiquette- Business Addressing

Now that you’ve selected the perfect business holiday cards to send to your valued customers, business associates and friends, you will want to pay special attention to the way these are addressed.
Personalized Holiday Cards
1. Sign. Your professionally printed and personalized holiday greetings express your custom imprinted verse in style. Although your company name is printed in ink or foil it is always a good idea to add your own personal signature. An even more personal touch is to add a quick handwritten note as well. You may only contact many of these valued people once a year so just a bit of extra effort will go a long way towards making them feel special.

2. Hand address. A hand addressed envelope stands apart from the usual junk mail. Many will open this envelope first. The recipient will appreciate the extra time and effort it took to hand-address their card. There is no need for one person’s handwriting on all of them so use several helpers if you need to. Just make sure their hand writing is acceptable! If budget allows, a hired calligrapher really adds a touch of elegance to your holiday mailing.

3. Accurate mailing list. Make certain your mailing list has the names spelled correctly. Avoid adding the person’s title as this may have changed and is not really necessary. Do spell out the company name and street address and use the more formal name such as Mr. Robert Hall, Jr. instead of Bob Hall.
Preprinted Return Address Envelopes
4. Return address. Go ahead and order your envelopes with your return address already printed on the back flap. This will insure that undeliverable cards find their way back to you so that you can update your mailing list. Pre-printed envelopes also save you time and look more professional.

5. Quick-stick envelopes. You may also want to purchase quick-stick envelopes. It is a time saver and a more professional presentation and you’ll not need sponge and water which can get messy.

6. Use postage stamps. Although metered mail is easy, use postage stamps for your holiday cards. Select holiday stamps that suit your company’s image.

Holiday cards are warmly appreciated and let your recipients know that they are valued. Displayed throughout the season, your thoughtfulness is sure to be returned in kind.