Finding the Perfect Holiday Card- Recycled Cards

Looking for something a bit different to send this year? Why not consider an attractive holiday greeting that is also earth friendly! Recycled greeting cards may be the perfect answer.
Recycled Greeting Cards
Recycled greetings have come a long way. It is almost difficult to tell which are printed on recycled paper now that paper processing has been refined to include nice, clean white paper made from recycled fibers. The recycled symbol printed on the back is your only clue in some instances!

Of course, if you prefer, brown Kraft recycled paper in which you can see some of the recycled fibers is still available. With hundreds of designs to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect seasonal greeting that also lets your customers, business associates, friends and family know that you are doing your part to help save planet Earth.

Recycled Holiday Greetings

Consider sending a “green” greeting this year!