Even Einstein Had his Own Photo Card Stationery

Ms. Cards Etiquette has always been a self-professed nerd, and, while reading the March 5, 2008 edition of Discover Magazine, was surprised to learn that Albert Einstein had his own photo card stationery.
Einstein sticking his tongue out
The now iconic photo of Einstein sticking his tongue is not a “photo shopped” piece of artwork, but an actual image taken in 1951 while Einstein was returning from an event in which he was being honored.

At the time, he was so famous that reporters, photographers and people on the street would often take his photograph. Einstein often felt bullied by the paparazzi of the day as they would not stop taking pictures after he told them to stop. After growing tired of the harassment on this particular night, Einstein gave up and stuck his tongue out at photographer Arthur Sasse.

When the picture was finally developed, Einstein liked the picture so much that he cropped his friend out of the image and used the picture of himself as his own personal photo stationery.

At the time, this was a novel idea: putting your image on a card and sending it out to people. But then, Einstein is known for being a little ahead of his time.