CardsDirect Customer Service Question #1

Will I receive my order in four business days because the production time said 2-4 business days?

Everyone is always interested in knowing exactly when their cards will arrive once they’ve placed their order. It is more than exciting to finally receive the real printed cards in hand and yesterday could not be soon enough! There is, however, some work to be done in order to insure that the cards you receive are exactly what you had hoped for.

As CardsDirect has been in this business quite a while, we have the order system down to a science and can get cards printed and shipped in an amazingly short amount of time. Once we receive your order we check it thoroughly and enter it into the manufacturing process. The printing plant schedules your print run considering variables such as ink or foil color selected. Your order is then custom printed, inspected and shipped by the method you requested at the time you placed your order.

You will see “Production Time” to the right of the quantity box by each card design. Below it is a suggested time like “2 to 4 business days,” for example. When we say “production time 2 to 4 business days,” we mean that it will take somewhere between 2 to 4 days to actually get your cards printed and ready for shipping. By “business days” we mean 2 to 4 days not counting weekends or national holidays. When you consider the professional craftsmanship and details involved in printing your custom verse and personalization on each card separately, a 2 to 4 day turnaround is quite impressive.

Of course, you will not “receive” your order in 2-4 days because that is the time it actually takes to get the cards ready to be shipped. You will need to add shipping as additional time and that can vary depending on the method of shipping you requested and where you live.

I hope this helps and that you agree that this is quite a quick delivery for something so special and unique. I imagine your cards will show up before you have had time to truly compile your updated address list!