An Unexpected Greeting

Ever feel like you’re working harder for the same pay these days? Well, government data confirms it. The Labor Department has found that the American work force has produced 6.4 percent more goods and services than during the same quarter a year ago.

Anniversary Cards

Of course, those employed are quite happy to have jobs, even if it does mean putting forth more effort. To help keep moral up and employees feeling a sense of appreciation, consider a little gesture of thanks to help keep a happy workplace humming along.

For less than a dollar you can remember your employees with birthday cards or anniversary cards on their special day. Surprise them with an unexpected greeting that shows you value their loyalty. And don’t forget to do the same with your customers and business partners!
Happy Birthday Cards

Little acts of kindness
Make us all feel better.
What a happy treat,
An unexpected letter!

Or in this case, unexpected birthday or anniversary cards!