A Crazy Christmas Card Idea

Dear Ms. Cards Etiquette

I send out Christmas cards every year for my business, but frankly, I’m really tired of it. I swear, if I see one more sparkly Christmas tree card, or another jolly Santa picture in my office, I might scream. I’ve never liked Christmas decorations or Christmas cards, and I just really wish there was something I could do about it. I know it sounds hopeless, but do you have any ideas?

– Grinchette

Aww, Grinchette … what a good sport you are, sending out Christmas cards every year even though you can’t stand them! You definitely deserve some kind of break for that, so here’s what I’m going to do. I’m giving you a sort of “Get Out of Jail Free” card for your holiday cards this year … skip the Christmas cards, click straight past the non-denominational holiday greeting cards, and go straight to either the Thank You cards, or the blank all-occasion cards this year!

That’s right folks, there is actually no law mandating you must send Christmas cards at Christmas time! One of the biggest reasons to send holiday cards to your customers is to thank them for their business in the preceding year, so Thank You cards are a lovely, thoughtful and appropriate alternative to the usual holiday Ho-Ho-Ho-a-thon. You can also get creative and buy blank cards with whatever design on the front you like … just about the only card you can’t send in lieu of a Christmas card would be one printed for a different holiday (and I’d definitely say the “Sympathy” cards are out too … even if you really really can’t stand the Christmas season).

So, Grinchette, there’s no need to torment your own sensibilities just to put on a good act for your mailing list! Just browse through the all-occasion cards until you see one that catches your fancy, and send those instead … and if you’re ordering from CardsDirect, your cards can have up to four lines of personalization pre-printed in them at no charge, so you can turn literally any card you like into a holiday greeting.