5 Innovative Ways to Use a Photo Card

birthday_party_m.jpgMany people only use photo cards to send during the holidays, and that’s a real shame.  You can personalize a photo card to say anything on the front and the inside that many people don’t even think of other uses for these flexible cards.  So, here’s some ideas to get your mind working.

  1. The ‘I’ve Lost Weight’ Announcement.  If you’ve dieted and worked your butt off (literally) to get down to your goal weight, then it’s time to celebrate!  You can put a picture of you and your pants on the front ‘Jared-style – (the Subway sandwich guy) and put on the inside “I’ve lost weight!  Let’s celebrate!
  2. The Information Card.  One reader with an autistic child suggested using photo cards to inform people about Autism.  Because she often has to take her child on plane trips for his therapy, and because it was not uncommon for this experience to be very traumatic for him such that he would break down screaming, she made photo cards with her son’s picture on the front with the phrase “My name is Matthew and I’m autistic.”  On the inside were facts about Autism and pointers about how people could be around her child to make the experience less disruptive to all.
  3. The Graduation Announcement: Put a picture of the graduate on the front in the full cap and gown and put the details of the graduation and party on the inside.  This makes the announcement a memento of the day for all invitees.
  4. Make your own personal stationery: You can put a photo of your or your family on the front of the card with your names and leave the inside blank so you can use the card for whatever you want.
  5. Announce a birth!  And it doesn’t just have to be child!  Ms. Cards Etiquette has a friend with a quarter horse ranch who makes a collage of her new horse baby pictures each spring and sends them out to prospective buyers.I hope some of these ideas gives you some ‘out of the box’ ideas for photo cards that you might find useful.  Have fun!