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Spring Cleaning for Your Office

The first day of spring is met with much anticipation. With the changing season comes the need for a bit of spring cleaning, even for your office. Here are our recommendations for clearing out your workspace and preparing for the new season. 1) Set up a day on everyone’s calendar as the official office cleaning […]

Good Business Sense: Use Your Logo

Greeting cards do not have to be generic items you buy individually at the drugstore. They can be powerful business tools to keep in your office at all times to use as valuable marketing pieces. You can always order your greeting cards online and personalize them with your company logo. This instantly transforms a card […]

How to Use C O in an Address

Many times we are asked how to send greeting cards or invitations to someone who may be living somewhere other than their main address. The term “c/o” comes in handy in these instances. This familiar collection of letters is short for in “care of”. It lets the post office know that the address is correct […]

Stamp Your Holiday Cards with Something Special

Now is a great time to go ahead and order your holiday cards! Beat the rush by ordering early so you can get them all signed, addressed, and ready to mail before the holiday shopping, cooking and decorating madness begins. And to make them extra special, stick a 1st Class US Postage Stamp on them […]

5 Tips When Ordering Holiday Cards Online

Did you know that the holiday season has already started! Yes, the phones are ringing and orders are flooding in for this years personalized holiday cards. Christmas may be in December but now is a great time to order your Christmas cards online. To help you know what to look for in a supplier, consider […]

Can Handwriting be Resuscitated?

Did you know that those born after 1980 actually text almost as much as they talk. And as for the art of handwriting, forget about it! They’ve never really seen the need to put pen, or even pencil to paper! Sadly, we are witnessing the death of handwriting, not because it was never learned, but […]

Should I Send Holiday Cards This Year?

Good question! I’m admittedly biased but let me give you a number of reasons why it does make sense to send holiday cards to your friends, family, customers and business associates every year. 1) In this age of digital communication, a traditional greeting card received in the mail is a special and unexpected surprise. This […]

5 Ways to Show Your Business Cares- Part 1

Staying ahead of the competition means you have to go the extra mile. Here are some inexpensive and easy ways to do just that in the form of personalized stationery. Think how special you’d feel if you received an unexpected card from a business that showed they cared about you. Here are 5 instances when […]

How to Write Thank You Cards

Why is it that everyone puts off writing thank you notes as long as possible? It really isn’t all that hard to do and means so much to the person you are thanking. To help make it easier for you, here are some quick tips to take the stress out of writing thank you cards. […]

How Can I Help?

Every night on the evening news you hear of wildfires, floods, tornados and people in need. With so many natural disasters happening these days, many of us are wondering what we can do to help others. Of course it is wonderful if you are able to travel to the affected area to help out but […]

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