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How to Use C O in an Address

Many times we are asked how to send greeting cards or invitations to someone who may be living somewhere other than their main address. The term “c/o” comes in handy in these instances. This familiar collection of letters is short for in “care of”. It lets the post office know that the address is correct […]

Out of Office Etiquette

Are you planning to be out of the office? Whether for business or on a personal vacation, it is considered proper etiquette to let those trying to get in touch with you know that you are away. There are a number of methods for handling this. Here are some tips: Automate. Activate an automatic out […]

Mind Your Manners- This is National Etiquette Week

Mind Your Manners- This is National Etiquette Week

I would like to politely remind everyone that this is National Etiquette Week. I know, I know! I didn’t realize it was this week either but for the past 13 years the second week in May has been officially proclaimed National Etiquette Week. We are encouraged to refresh our memories when it comes to the […]

Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

OK, so you aren’t particularly thrilled to have received a Dallas Cowboys themed Snuggie from Aunt Betty this Christmas. But, you do need to say thank you, if only because she took the time and effort to make the purchase and wrap it up and present it to you. No doubt many of us will […]

Should Gifts Come With Greeting Cards?

I used to believe that if you handed someone a present, a greeting card to go with it was not necessarily required. After all, they would certainly already know who had given them the gift. Same thing if the gift was mailed. The return address should be enough of a hint to let the recipient […]

Unexpected Thank You Cards

My daughter’s high school graduation class had 1,200 graduates in it. It took 2 full hours for them all to march across the stage and receive their diplomas. This year there was a change in venue. Graduation was moved to the Dallas Convention Center and it was impossible to hold every family member and guest […]

Learn to Say Thank You

My daughter recently graduated from high school, hooray! She proudly sent graduation invitations to many friends and family members, not fully realizing the many well wishes that would soon come her way. The truly exceptional remembrances came from those not even on her send list. Those unexpected congratulations were a true delight. What impressed me […]

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