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Tips for a Traveling Salesperson

Are you frequently traveling for your job? Life on the road can be tiring, and the last thing you want to do when you finally return home is work. We put together a list of our recommendations on how to use your time on the road to immediately follow up with existing or new customers […]

Good Business Sense: Include Your Business Card

When you write greeting cards to customers or professional contacts, you stand out among the countless competitors who might be simultaneously trying to win their business. With a greeting card, you are more likely to get noticed than if you only send an email or leave a voicemail. When writing a note inside your card, […]

Spring Cleaning for Your Office

The first day of spring is met with much anticipation. With the changing season comes the need for a bit of spring cleaning, even for your office. Here are our recommendations for clearing out your workspace and preparing for the new season. 1) Set up a day on everyone’s calendar as the official office cleaning […]

Good Business Sense: Use Your Logo

Greeting cards do not have to be generic items you buy individually at the drugstore. They can be powerful business tools to keep in your office at all times to use as valuable marketing pieces. You can always order your greeting cards online and personalize them with your company logo. This instantly transforms a card […]

5 Ways to Show Your Business Cares- Part 1

Staying ahead of the competition means you have to go the extra mile. Here are some inexpensive and easy ways to do just that in the form of personalized stationery. Think how special you’d feel if you received an unexpected card from a business that showed they cared about you. Here are 5 instances when […]

Custom Printed Business Stationery

Need to jot a quick note to someone thanking them for an order or just to stay in touch? Custom Cards are great for keeping your company name in front of clients and business associates and are perfect for building loyalty and trust. Nice cards with your company logo on the front or even your […]

Celebrating Moms and More

So maybe you just didn’t get your act together in time to celebrate mom on Sunday. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve missed the boat! Moms don’t mind being honored any day of the year. In fact, an unexpected show of appreciation is often better than ones that are scheduled! Consider sending Thinking of You Cards […]

Sales and Marketing Tip #4- Make it Personal

When you are lucky enough to get an opportunity to speak with an existing or even a potential customer in person or better yet, face to face, use this valuable time to put your best foot forward. Be ready to speak directly to their needs and make it personal! Do background research so you are […]

Sales and Marketing Tip #3- Be Seen

Have you ever forgotten about someone just because you haven’t seen them in awhile? It is quite easy to do and if you’re in business, you certainly wouldn’t want to be forgotten! You don’t have to be a nuisance, but you do want your name to be the first one a customer remembers when they […]

Sales and Marketing Tip #2- Narrow Your Target

Sales and Marketing Tip #2- Narrow Your Target

There is only so much time in a day, no matter how much you wish some days were shorter and others longer. So, use your time to your best advantage. In business, focus on the tasks and activities that will matter most. In sales and marketing, know your core audience and target them rather than […]

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