My top 3 favorite letter-writing movies

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how impactful handwritten letters can be. Many people turn toward emails and text messages when it comes to saying thank you or congratulations, but sending out a quick email or a text doesn’t quite have the same effect as snail mail. Just take a few famous movies for instance. Here are my top three favorite films that include letter writing:

1. “The Notebook”
Despite being apart for a long period of time, Noah never stopped writing the love of his life, Allie. He used handwritten letters to express his deep feelings for her, even when they couldn’t be together. In fact, he wrote her 365 letters, all of which she never received. It’s not until Allie goes to see him that he reveals to her all of the letters he sent her. Quite a romantic gesture, if you ask me.

2. “Dear John”
The movie “Dear John” featuring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried relies on handwritten letters to tell the story. When John goes away to war, letters are the main form of communication between him and Savannah. They took the time to send these notes back and forth to each other as a way of staying emotionally connected despite their distance. John held onto all of his letters from Savannah because it was the only thing that connected him to her.

3. “Letters to Juliet”
The film “Letters to Juliet” is entirely based on handwritten love notes and the power that they can have over people, even after years have passed by. In this movie, the main character, Sophie, finds an unanswered “letter to Juliet” and uses that handwritten note to connect a woman with her long lost love. Had it not been for that letter written long ago, Sophie wouldn’t have been able to rekindle a romance that lost its way.

Use these movies as inspiration for your own life. When you need to send a sympathy card or express a note of congratulations to a newly married couple, consider grabbing a pen and some paper and jotting down your sentiments. We might be surrounded by technology, but emails, text messages and tweets will never be able to powerfully express emotions and feelings as well as handwritten letters can. Stock up on personalized stationery to always have it on-hand whenever you need to say thank you or catch up with a friend who lives far away.