Hop on board with the chalkboard trend

Chalkboards aren’t just for the classroom anymore. This vintage trend is taking off in the world of weddings and interior design. Chalkboard paint offers endless opportunities for unique style and organization. Don’t believe me? Try out any of these creative ways to use chalkboard paint, whether you’re about to tie the knot or want to redecorate your home:

Paint a chalkboard wall
Create an accent wall in your home using chalkboard paint. Not only does this add a stylish, retro element to your abode, it provides functionality as well. You can use the surface to write out items you need at the grocery store, to-do lists, notes, reminders and quotes that you love. If you decide to create a chalkboard wall in your home office, it can be used as a calendar – you’ll never miss a meeting or a deadline again because a reminder will always be right in front of you. A chalkboard wall is also perfect to have if you frequently entertain. You can write out the menu in a fun calligraphy font to let guests know what they’ll be eating.

Here’s how to go about painting a chalkboard wall in your home:

1. Prep the wall for painting: Before you start the painting process, you must clean the wall (you can just use a wet paper towel with a bit of gentle soap) and allow it to dry.

2. Start painting: You can buy chalkboard paint at any home improvement store, but the color selection is usually pretty limited. If you’re not into a gray or black hue, consider creating your own special tone by adding two tablespoons of unsanded grout to every 1 cup of regular flat finish latex paint. Be sure to mix your concoction with a paint stirrer, breaking up any clumps. Apply the paint to the wall using a roller or a sponge paintbrush, and let dry.

3. Sandpaper the surface: In order to ensure that the chalkboard is smooth and easy to write on, use 150-grit sandpaper to lightly sand the surface of the wall.

4: Cover with chalk: The last step of this process is taking a piece of chalk and rubbing its side all over the wall. Then, wipe it away with a slightly wet sponge and let it dry.

Use chalkboard stationery
Whether you’re sending out birthday cards, holiday cards (I absolutely love this Merry & Bright card) or party invitations, you can find stationery that mimics the look of a chalkboard. The matte finish adds a vintage touch to your cards and invitations. Are you having a retro wedding? Consider sending your guests chalkboard invitations or save the dates to give them a special sneak peak into the theme of your big day.

Organize your kitchen with chalkboard paint
Chalkboard paint is a versatile tool for keeping your kitchen organized. You can paint jars and containers and use chalk to create a personalized label. For example, transfer all of your spices into glass baby food jars. Cover the lids of the jars with chalkboard paint, labeling them with the name of the spice. Add a magnet to the bottom of the jar and stick it on a magnetized board in your kitchen. You can also stow the jars away in a drawer to keep them out of sight. Your spices will always be easily recognizable and simple to reach.

Make entertaining easy
Planning on having a dinner party before summer comes to an end? If so, stock up on chalkboard paint. You can cover old wine bottles with the paint, and draw on numbers to create instant table numbers for your event. Cover the stem and bottom of your wine glasses or champagne flutes with chalkboard paint as well. Your guests can write their names in chalk, making it easy to keep track of their glasses all night.