How to throw a Halloween bash

When people think of Halloween, they think scary movies and trick-or-treating, but little kids aren’t the only ones who get to have fun during this magical holiday. Adults can also take part in the excitement by throwing a Halloween bash. However, there’s a little bit of preparation that needs to go into this event to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

Decide if costumes are mandatory
It almost wouldn’t fully be a Halloween party without costumes, but if your friends are not the dressing-up type, forgo the costumes. If you do decide to allow guests to come as their favorite scary characters, spark people’s creativity by implementing a theme for your party. A few favorites include pirates, murder mystery and classic horror. If you and your friends or co-workers have a favorite TV show, you could also base your theme off of it, for example, dressing as characters from “Once Upon a Time” or “Downton Abbey.”

Prepare freaky foods
Get creative in the kitchen for your event by finding fun recipes that match your spooky setting. It’s easy to add a little decoration to a snack by putting edible spiders or cobwebs on the top layer of a dish. A few easy ideas for Halloween-worthy food include snack mix with candy corn thrown in and toffee apples. Simply dye the toffee mix black for an ominous appearance, as seen on Simply Delicious. A candy bowl clearly is a necessity during the get together as well. If you’re looking to have a little more substantial food at your event, try making some BBQ ribs. By cutting a rack of ribs into individual strips, you’ll create a delicious meal that looks similar to human ribs.

Add creepy decorations
Don’t overdo it with the Halloween decor, but be sure to at least set out some ghoulish plates and cups. Use fake cobwebs sparingly because you don’t want to have big blobs of white hanging from the ceiling. This decorative piece can also make for a messy cleanup later if you’re not careful. A few decoration essentials include dishes, mood lighting and jack-o-lanterns.

Include daring games
Keep people entertained at your party with games they’ll enjoy playing. A costume contest is a given at such an event, but another logical game to implement would be one that matches your theme. For instance, if you decided to go with murder mystery, play the board game “Clue”, or take out “Scene It?” if you chose a TV show or movie theme.

Trivia competitions are another good option for getting people excited. Ask questions about classic horror movies or Halloween history. If all else fails, you can always fall back on the traditional bobbing for apples option, maybe even using the black toffee apples to spice it up.

Send out holiday party invitations
Get people excited for your upcoming bash with party invitations. Your guests will enjoy receiving something in the mail other than bills, and they’ll be able to mark your event on their calendars. Another added bonus of an invitation is the ability to customize the cards. Halloween is the perfect time to get custom-made invites because you can note a party’s theme with stationery to match. You can also choose a specific font to add to the holiday flare.