Sending customized handwritten letters

While 61 percent of the people who log on to the Internet are between the ages of three and 11, according to, schools across the U.S. are fighting to reinstate the teaching of cursive writing. This reveals a trend that less things are being written by hand in younger generations and more are being typed, even from an early age.

Given the direction that information sharing is heading, now is as good a time to get into the practice of sending handwritten letters than ever. In today’s society there are much more convenient and instantaneous methods of communication, but the effort that goes into writing a letter by hand is what makes it special. Whether it’s a cover letter for a job or a letter to a loved one, writing a letter to someone will help it stand out in their minds because it is done so rarely now. Understandably, you may need some help actually writing one and making it look nice, which we’re more than willing to help with.

Stationery and writing tools
If you want to make your handwritten letter look as official as possible, investing in some personalized stationery and tools is the way to go.You could have stack of cards,  composed of high-quality paper,that include your name, a customized logo and a charming salutation already printed. Half of the work is done. All that’s left is for you to come up with what you want to say and decide how you want to write it.

If you want to get the full letter writing experience, you may be interested in investing in ink and a fountain pen. Fountain pens are believed to be best for creative writing because they allow the writing to always be unique, down to the very letter. Fountain pens let out varying amounts of ink as you write which allows for letters to take on more interesting shapes and sizes than they would with a ballpoint pen.

Then when you’re finally done and satisfied with what you’ve written, you can even purchase wax and a customized seal to close the envelope with. Imagine the look on someone’s face when they get a letter that looks like it was sent from royalty. They may be more likely to keep it just for the look of it.