How to Write Thank You Cards

Why is it that everyone puts off writing thank you notes as long as possible? It really isn’t all that hard to do and means so much to the person you are thanking. To help make it easier for you, here are some quick tips to take the stress out of writing thank you cards.


Begin at the beginning by naming the person your thanks is directly to. Sounds simple but many forget to begin with a Dear “So and So” when writing their note of thanks.


Try not to be vague when expressing your thanks. Mention the item that you received. It can be short and simple like, “Thank you very much for the nice shirt.” If the gift was cash, don’t mention the amount; just thank them “for their generosity”.


Add a little bit about how you might use the gift or what it means to you. You don’t have to go into great detail but an extra sentence here will give your note more meaning.


Bring the thanks to an end by adding a comment such as, “It was great to see you” or “I look forward to seeing you soon”. Then add a simple wrap-up like, “Thank you again for your thoughtful gift.”

See, simple! Just the idea that you took the time to sit down and jot a quick line as well as address and mail actual thank you cards as opposed to an email or phone call means you have class and proper etiquette! A gracious thank you now will be returned in other ways in the future so get busy and jump on those thank yous the next time you are lucky enough to receive special something from someone who deserves your appreciation.