What Is Your Office Personality?

Cast of "The Office"

The office workplace can be confusing these days with everyone worried about business and job security. Knowing how you and your co-workers think and work can come in handy. Not only can it help you understand where they are coming from, but knowing how you handle work situations can only improve your job effectiveness and the company as a whole too. Since we spend the majority of our waking hours working, why not do whatever we can to make it a pleasant experience?

Are you a Solver, Believer, Accepter or Spouter? Like the characters from the television show, “The Office”, each character reacts differently to issues in a work environment. Are you are a Michael, Pam, Angela or Jim? Take the following 10 question quiz to determine your office personality and be sure and review the pros and cons and the advice associated with each of these personality styles at the end of the quiz. No matter what type you are, you bring something to the conference table!

Source: Parade Magazine