5 Ways to Repurpose Holiday Cards

I just love receiving holiday cards each year but what do you do with them when the decorations come down? Here are some suggestions:


Cut them up to use them as gift tags or package decorations next year. Or, donate them to charities that can put them to good use.

Thank You Cards

Cut the cover off and fold it in half to use as thank you notes for all those Christmas gifts. Trim to fit envelopes found at office supply stores.


Many cards make great keepsakes, especially photo cards. Make a collage of those saved over the years for a great surprise gift for someone special.

Original Art

Cut up pieces of cards and paste them together to form a beautiful mosaic masterpiece.

Mailing Lists

Remember to update your mailing lists, editing changes of address and adding new contacts.

This is a great article on the subject of repurposing Christmas cards. With a bit of organization now, you’ll be all set for the holidays next year!